Contact details of ADR bodies in Germany
of different branches of business in alphabetical order

The ADR bodies listed on our website are competent to deal with disputes between traders and consumers, i.e. after the purchase of goods or services for private use. In order to give you an overview of ADR bodies we present you those fulfilling the minimum criteria set by the European Commission and covering the most important sectors.

Due to the federal structure of Germany the sphere of competence of some ADR bodies covers the whole country; other spheres of competence are geographically limited by the borders of a Bundesland, region or city. These ADR bodies might be called “Schlichtungsstelle”, “Einigungsstelle”, “Vermittlungsstelle”, “Gütestelle” or even „Ombudsmann“ or „Ombudsfrau“.

Automobile Trade and Repair


Freelance professions



Skilled crafts


Other branches

Please make additional use of the ADR database by the European Commission including names and contact details of the respective bodies in Member States of the EU and EEA countries: