ADR - an alternative to litigation

If you as a consumer are involved in a cross-border dispute, and want a third party to settle it, instead of going to court, you can seek assistance at the European Consumer Centre (ECC) Germany in Kehl. The ECC will examine the complaint, translate the necessary documents and guide you to one of the 400 ADR bodies (“Schlichtungsstellen”) throughout Europe. more

ADR - FAQs and useful links

In which cases can I apply for an ADR procedure? What should my application contain? What does suspension of the period of limitation mean? Here you can find answers, useful links and helpful addresses all over Europe. more

 ADR - some basics

Learn more about ADR as an alternative to litigation, about typical prejudices and the 12 advantages of as well as about the seven standards set by the European Commission and supported by the Federal Ministry of Justice. more

ADR-bodies in Germany

Find here contact details of ADR bodies covering the most important sectors, e.g. financial services, retail or freelance professions (medical professions, architects, engineers, tax advisors, and lawyers), skilled crafts, automobile trade or travel industry. more