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Kehl, 08/05/2006


2006 FIFA World CupTM:

A user guide for your stay in Germany

From the 9th of May on, this practical guide will be available in 19 languages on the Internet page of the European Consumer Centre (ECC) Germany

Kehl/Strasbourg – With regard to the 2006 FIFA World CupTM, ECC Germany has designed a leaflet giving football fans and visitors practical information for their stay in Germany. In close collaboration with their partner ECCs from the other EU-Member States, Iceland and Norway, this leaflet has been translated into 18 other languages. From next Tuesday on the 19 different versions can be downloaded and printed from our Internet page

Booking, travelling and shopping without worries!

2006 FIFA World CupTM: Votre séjour en Allemagne, in French, Fußballweltmeisterschaft 2006: Zu Gast in Deutschland, in German, Copa Mundial de la FIFA Alemania 2006: De invitado en Alemania, en Spanish, or 2006 FIFA World CupTM: Visitar a Alemanha, in Portuguese! Information on transport, hotel reservation, shopping in Germany and patients’ rights in 19 languages should help visitors to find their way and to feel comfortable in the host country of the football event 2006.
So you will find out, that you have to pay a deposit on most re-usable glass or plastic bottles (“Mehrwegflaschen”) and beverage tins. You will learn what happens if you want to cancel your hotel reservation or what to do in case of double booking.

Health: Don’t forget to ask your health insurance board in time for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) ! It will help you to get the reimbursement of the costs for medical care you might have to pay during your stay.

The leaflet also contains useful telephone numbers you should know, e.g. police, emergency and directory assistance as well as some of the ECCs.

(Please do not publish these names and numbers.)

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